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Meet The Team

Heather Massie

Massage Therapist


Heather is a graduate of The Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies. She is a certified Massage Therapist specializing in Neuromuscular, Prenatal and Thai Massage. She creates a unique massage experience tailored to the needs of each client. In addition to being an alum at The Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies, she is also a massage instructor there. 

Felix is a Licensed Massage Therapist with expertise in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Myofascial Release Therapy, and Firm Swedish. He has helped hundreds of clients through the course of his long career. He specializes in identifying and treating the trigger points causing pain and discomfort. 

Felix Mora

Massage Therapist


Keith Buell

Massage Therapist

Keith is a licensed massage therapist and graduate of Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies. He is passionate about the healing potential of massage therapy! He focuses on lymphatic drainage, a modality that benefits those with lymphatic build up. He also offers deep tissue, fascial release and relaxing Swedish. He incorporates multiple modalities into each session based on your individual needs. Keith is an empathetic and compassionate healer, eager to join you on your wellness journey.

Ren has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. She became acquainted with the benefits of massage after a debilitating injury in 2014. The massage appointments prescribed by her doctor were the only means of physical therapy that provided relief for her chronic pain. Ren's sessions are performed with great consideration to each client's needs. Whether you are looking for relaxation or seeking pain relief, Ren is excited to help you meet your goals. 

Ren Chavarria

Massage Therapist

Janaye Williams

Massage Therapist


Janaye is a graduate of the Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies. She has been a massage therapists since 2019. She completed an intensive four level Thai Massage training program at one of the leading Thai Massage schools in Thailand. She offers personalized massage , and specializes in Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, and Prenatal Massage

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