COVID - 19 

And What To Expect On Your Visit..

There are some changes you will need to know about:


  • Please have your mask available and worn when you come in. We will have ours worn during your session. 

  • Expect all surfaces, massage table, doors and etc. to be cleaned thoroughly before and after your session. Hand sanitizer is available when you come in and your therapist will ask you to use it first thing when entering the massage room.


  • We will be taking your temperature when you arrive with a temperature gun at a safe distance and that is non-contact. I will be taking it 3 times to get an accurate reading. If it is over 100.4 (above that is considered a fever), you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for another day. No cancellation fee with be applied in case of that scenario. 

Thank you for understanding to these changes and respect to the expectations I have set for the future and your time of healing/recovery. We are all in this together in these unprecedented times, but I'm here for you as I have been for over 11 years. 

Please do not hesitate with any questions.